Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The imagination of children

This is my interpretation of the monster my little boy described to me and my husband tonight. I was putting my little lad to bed and he went a monster there while looking at the wall. He is at that age when patterns in paint work can freak him out, this is all to do with how us humans are given to seek out patterns in things especially faces this aspect of our physiological makeup has the wonderful name pareidolia anyway back to monster,  my husband and I asked him about it.  Did it have arms?    Did it have legs?    how many eyes?   etc ...
After many question and answers this is what we got. It was a blue monster with two blue eyes. It had red short hair and a carrot for a nose, which my little boy said he painted white. He said no to it having any arms or legs. Monster also came and sat on the pillows with us. I think it would be rather cool for a kid to have an monster as a friend. Oh the imagination of a child is such a wonderful thing to take a pattern on a wall and turn it into a something, I wonder if monster will be around tomorrow when the little kiddo wakes up.


  1. A childs imagination is something that we all should pay attention to because without it just where would we be today, a monster for a friend from patterns on the wall shows that your child is indeed using his brain, very bright child you have there my Friend.

  2. Stephen King made a good living from it.

  3. I marvel at my little boys imaginations and it is something that my Husband and I activly encourage. We were playing popping imaginary bubbles today.



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